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Dario Argento

James Gracey
  • Comprehensive and up to date look at cult director Dario Argento
  • Accessible introduction to a general readership of Argento’s work – will also appeal to hardcore fan base
  • Recent conclusion to his revered Three Mothers Trilogy and a proposed remake of Suspiria has sparked an interest in his work again with many critics revaluating his films and his influence on horror cinema
  • His work is often cited in studies of film, especially Italian cinema, on-screen violence, Horror, feminism and auteurism

The stylistic and bloody excesses of the films of Dario Argento are instantly recognisable. Vivid, baroque and nightmarish, his films lock violent deaths in a twisted embrace with an almost sexual beauty. Narrative and logic are often lost in a constant bombardment of atmosphere, technical mastery and provocative imagery. It's a body of work which deals explicitly with death and violence, all the while revelling in perversely alluring stylistics and shot through with an unflinching intensity.

Setting the tone with earlier gialli films such as The Animal Trilogy and Deep Red, Argento has steadily pushed the boundaries; through his elaborately gothic fairytales Suspiria and Inferno, right up to his more recent contributions to TV's Masters of Horror compendium and the conclusion of his Three Mothers trilogy, Mother of Tears: The Third Mother. Along the way, his prowling camera work, pounding scores and stylistic bloodshed have only gained in intensity and opulence.

This Kamera Book examines his entire output. Hailed as one of horror cinemas most significant pioneers and the twentieth century's major masters of the macabre, Argento continues to create inimitable and feverishly violent films with a level of artistry rarely seen in horror films. His high profile and mastery of the genre is confirmed with his role as producer on celebrated classics such as George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead and Lamberto Bava's Demons. His work has influenced the likes of Quentin Tarantino, John Carpenter and Martin Scorsese, to name but a few.

James Gracey has written for Film Ireland, Alternative Ulster, Paracinema and Culture Northern Ireland. He has also contributed to Drowned in Sound, Twisted Ear and Eat My Brains.

release date: 25 March 2010
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Do you yourself a favor, pick up this book, and let it guide you into the realms of an Italian Horror master.
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- 'Bone Digger', www.horrornews.net

the knowledge dropped by Gracey is impressive and very thorough. As someone who is not a fan of Argento, this book actually put a bug in my ear to check out his early work.
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- Greg B., cinesploitation.com