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Timeless Adventures
How Doctor Who Conquered TV
Brian J. Robb
  • With the success of the latest series Doctor Who has experienced a massive upsurge of popularity both in the UK and internationally
  • 23rd November 2013 is the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, the BBC will screen a special 90 minute 3D 50th anniversary episode with an all-star cast, in cinemas and on television
  • Offers a new perspective on the cultural significance of the Dr Who phenomenon
  • Brian J Robb has a unique perspective on the 1980s, being Editor of the official fan newsletter and involved with the production team led by John Nathan Turner
  • Includes unique interviews with Doctor Who producers Barry Letts (early 1970s) and Philip Hinchcliffe (late 1970s)

New Expanded Edition

This critical history of Doctor Who covers the series 45 years, from the creation of the show to its triumph as Britain's #1 TV drama.

Opening with an in-depth account of the creation of the series within the BBC of the early 1960s, each decade of the show is tackled through a unique political and pop cultural historical viewpoint, exploring the links between contemporary Britain and the stories Doctor Who told, and how such links kept the show popular with a mass television audience.

Timeless Adventures reveals how Doctor Who is at its strongest when it reflects the political and cultural concerns of a mass British audience (the 1960s, 1970s and 21st Century), and at its weakest when catering to a narrow fan-based audience (as in the 1980s).

Chapters range from discussions on the cultural and political relevance of Doctor Who monsters like the Daleks (based on lingering wartime fears) and the Cybermen (1960s spare part replacement surgery), through to themes like energy and the environment in the 1970s (Doctor Who stories tackled big real-life themes in a fantasy format and so connected with a mass audience).

The book also addresses the cancellation of the show in the late 1980s (following the series becoming increasing self-obsessed) and the ways in which a narrowly-focused dedicated fandom contributed to the show's demise and yet was also instrumental in its regeneration for the 21st Century under Russell T. Davies, and analyses the new series to reveal what has made it so popular, reflecting real world issues like consumerism and dieting.

Brian J. Robb is a writer and biographer whose previous books have included a New York Times Best-Selling biography of Leonardo DiCaprio; Screams & Nightmares, the definitive book on horror director Wes Craven; biographies of Johnny Depp and Ewan McGregor; and Counterfeit Worlds, a study of the films of Philip K. Dick. He is currently Managing Editor at Titan Magazines, a publisher of film and TV related titles. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Official Star Wars Insider Magazine, and oversees magazines for Lost, Stargate, Smallville, Star Trek and Supernatural, as well as being Managing Editor on Total Sci Fi, an international cult film and television web site.

release date: 24 October 2013
price: £12.99
ISBN13: 9781843441564
binding: paperback
format: B (198 X 129mm)
extent: 304
rights: world
BIC code: APT
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